Custom Built Drivers

Larry Brink has been building drivers for Long Drivers and regular golfers for over 20 years.

Let us build your next high performance Driver for you!!!

Contact us from our website or call us, so we can personally go over the specifications that you want in your next Custom Driver.

Larry Brink - (814) 860-1771

*** Our high performance heads we use are the Krank Rage and the Geek DCT.

Krank Rage

Geek DCT

Driver Combo Prices

  • Krank Head + FineOne Shaft $429.00
  • Krank Head + Banshee Shaft $329.00
  • Krank Head + N-Forcer/N-Timidator $300.00
  • Geek Head + FineOne Shaft $329.00
  • Geek Head + Banshee Shaft $259.00
  • Geek Head + N-Forcer/N-Timidator $229.00

We hope to hear from you soon!