Winner of the 2010 RE/MAX World Long Drive Championship. The most accurate and distance improving Shaft ever made!

Benefits of Fine One Shafts

  • Accumulates power through the back swing and restores force in the down swing to maximize the elasticity of the shaft.
  • Maximizes the time of inertia in the down swing, powerful physical energy increases head speed as the head accelerates to its maximum velocity approaching impact.
  • Increases the angle of strike on the ball, with the patented tip.
  • Joint impact time is increased through the shafts specialized snap effect, also increasing driving distance.
  • Functionally reduces distortion on impact to prevent slice and hook.
  • The seven joints in the shaft work like human joints, increasing head speed and stabilizing the heads making a longer and more accurate shot.
  • Helps reduce the risk of injury by efficiency dispersing the force of impact.
  • Conformed USGA and RDA
  • These shafts will improve everyone's golf game from PGA Pros to 30 Handicappers!

These shafts are Awesome!!!

They are the most accurate and explosive shaft you'll ever hit!

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